"You can make it happen."

Honestly, if you don’t find the symbolism in having aged national legend Miroslav Klose, giving his substitute Mario Gotze those words of wisdom before taking his place on the pitch, and then to have Gotze score the winning goal, not only for the 2014 World Cup Final, but also for what may be the final game for Miroslav Klose’s international career; as the ultimate act of passing on the torch to the new heroes of the German National Team…

….Then I don’t know what to tell you. I really, really don’t know.




This isn’t exclusively about Chinese women, but I think it’s pretty darn relevant to some of the issues discussed/to be discussed on this blog.

And, even though the examples used in this video were about Japanese women—it’s not a surprise that East Asians are treated as a single entity, without recognition of the wonderful diversity within each separate culture. Before we even get to the fact that these men care little to nothing about who you are as a person—they care little to nothing about your culture and heritage.

The number of times I’ve seen people say, “but I love Asians/Asian culture!” makes me want to high five them in the face with a chair. There is no love there, only misconceptions and fetishization and Western-centric idea of what this single entity called “Asia” is supposed to be.

(And I could go on about geek racism and the fetishization of East Asians because of media and popular culture…thank you otakus and weeaboos…..)

this aint why i like asian girls tho… i dont even do that ”weeaboo” shit